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A Night Worms Book Party with SLASH by Hunter Shea

What is a Night Worms Book Party? Basically, the Night Worms Review Team is made up of some very creative individuals so every Book Party will probably look different but for Hunter Shea's book SLASH, here's what it looked like:

  • The whole team got a physical ARC
  • We all posted on social media when we got it (exposure)
  • We organized a weekend to post it in our feed (exposure)
  • Mother Horror interviewed Hunter Shea (read it here)
  • A postcard of the cover/synopsis was included in our package
  • Today is our "One Line Review" post!

You can inquire about having a Night Worms Book Party at

And now for our final thoughts on SLASH by Hunter Shea-this book releases in just a few days, October 24th, 2019. Pick up your copy HERE!

With Slash, Hunter Shea, king of the creature-feature, delivers up another serving of glorious madness & mayhem. While the interaction between a couple of characters got tiresome, hella fast, a very solid opening and a nice punch at the end elevated Slash beyond your basic slasher. 4/ 5
-Zakk Madness @zakkmadness
"A campy horror read that stays true to the Slasher genre. Beware the Wraith - he's out to get you and there's virtually no escape."

"SLASH is a fun post-summer slasher with plenty of gore to keep you entertained and a unique take on what comes after the familiar "final girl" storyline."
"With a unique look at a final girl, this fast-paced book and its questionable dialogue will definitely leave you surprised."
"This book gutted me in the best ways only a serial killer can and anyone who doesn't read this deserves the Wraith's vengeance!"
"SLASH was an intense ride full of badass characters, dumb decisions and some heart-wrenching consequences."
“As they say don’t judge a book by its cover; same can be said for the title. This book is a classic slasher, with a twist. I haven’t read something this creative since David Morrell’s, The Totem. This book certainly has something to offer everyone.”
"I recommend this book for all you sickos that love the cheesy classic slasher films we all know and love."
-Andrew @TheBookDad
"A smart and merciless slasher! The players make all the right moves and Hell is still unleashed."
 -Keely @KeelyFuse
"SLASH has everything you loved and hated about old school slasher films; an unstoppable villain, heroes that make dumb decisions, loads of violence, needless sexism, and plenty of plot holes."
-Matt @teamredmon
"The Wraith is back, so prepare for a bloody good time: grab a scrunchie, fanny pack, Blockbuster membership card, and a 12 pack of Tab, because Shea’s novel SLASH throws the reader headfirst into the golden age of 80s Horror maniacs.”
"With a name like 'Slash' you'd expect a gory slasher and Slash is all that and more; blood, guts, male bonding, adventure and even the scary supernatural.
A bloody fun slasher with one of the evilest villains I've read in a long time!"
“I doubt Shea even knew where this wild ride would end up.”

“The Wraith stands tall among the greats... Voorhees, Myers, and Krueger”
"I can appreciate the ways Hunter Shea brought something new to the slasher sub-genre but plenty of the old tropes and stereotypes linger making SLASH an entertaining read but not meaty enough to satisfy my tastes."


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