Night Worms

Email: nightwormsreviews@gmail.com 

Greetings from Sadie Hartmann aka 'Mother Horror' on social media. I am a co-creator of Night Worms. The other half of Night Worms is Ashley Saywers 'bookishmommy' on social media. We are HUGE fans of the horror genre. I read & review horror for SCREAM magazine and Cemetery Dance Online.

Ashley & I started Night Worms in March of 2018 to encourage reading & reviewing horror. We picked five friends who share our passion for the genre and reviewing books to join us on our "buddy reads" of new (ARCs) and previously released titles. We take multiple photos of the books and publish them to our social media platforms with the hashtag #nightworms
The most important part is after we read the books, we follow up with reviews on all our personal accounts with Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter and Amazon.
The feedback from authors and publishers have been immensely enthusiastic and appreciative, especially concerning all the public engagements we generate for the books as well as the consistent, honest reviews which are priceless.
As awareness and interest in Night Worms have grown, Ashley & I have been discussing the potential to "grow the brand". Our desire is to take what we do and scale it to bring in more Night Worms that want to join us on our mission to READ & REVIEW horror.

Night Worms Book Club

This is where YOU come in! Each month, Ashley and I will work closely with our tight knit network of publishers that we have built a strong, symbiotic relationship with over the last 8 months to bring you the best in horror. We will put together a package of books, magazines, publisher "schwag" (freebies, goodies, coupons, collectibles etc.) and a few Night Worms exclusives for a reasonable price. They will be available for purchase in limited quantities during our BETA season.
We will encourage our patrons to consider themselves a Night Worm and promote horror with us by using our unique hashtags on social media. Each themed package you purchase will include a unique hashtag you will use in your social media reviews so that we can find them easily.
Ashley & I will be watching the hashtags very closely and we will randomly select reviewing Night Worms to receive goodies (example: ARCs, extra schwag, freebies etc.) from us in exchange for honest reviews. We will also feature these reviews on our website and publishers/authors will be interested in sharing them too. We are so excited about that.

We Are Not a "Subscription Box"

The very most important thing we want people to know is that we are not a subscription box in the same way people think about a subscription box. Typically, monthly book boxes contain one book and a lot of coordinated merchandise. Ashley and I both have repped for Subscription Book Box companies before and both of us experienced a "burn out" on the excess merch. Tees we won't wear, hats or beanies we won't wear, too many coffee mugs or pint glasses, tea we didn't like, bumper stickers we won't use, or artwork that infringed on the author's intellectual property. Here's what you can expect from NIGHT WORMS:

  1. HORROR BOOKS- novels, author collections, short stories, chapbooks, anthologies, magazines and such. Quality horror. At least two physical books and maybe an extra readable. 
  2. ORIGINAL ARTWORK- we have lots of artists that want to work with us to create original art for Night Worms. Collectible bookmarks, postcards, stickers, bookplates, ATCs (artist trading cards) and more. 
  3. BUYING MORE BOOKS- The publishers we work closely with want to be a part of Night Worms by offering exclusive content, downloads, coupons and discounts to you!
We're going to scale our company slowly and carefully giving the upmost respect and attention to the authors, publishers and customers we interact with and depend on to run a successful, bookish business. We're excited to go on this adventure. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.
Sadie Hartmann & Ashley Saywers