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Night Worms Owners: Ashley & Sadie

Greetings from Sadie Hartmann aka 'Mother Horror' and Ashley Saywers 'spookishmommy' on social media. We are HUGE fans of the horror genre. Sadie reads & reviews horror for SCREAM magazine and Cemetery Dance Online and is an Active, voting member of the HWA (Horror Writers Association) Ashley leads a True Crime reading group #BookishTrueCrime on Instagram.
We started Night Worms on Halloween day in 2018 with pre-orders for a Christmas package. We are passionate readers of horror fiction and have since grown Night Worms into a culture and a brand:
"Horror is Our Happy Place."


Night Worms Subscription Company

This is where YOU come in! Each month, we work closely with our tight knit network of indie & traditional publishers to bring you the best in horror fiction. We curate a package of books, magazines, publisher freebies, goodies, coupons, collectibles etc. and a few Night Worms exclusives for a reasonable price.
We encourage our patrons to consider themselves a 'Night Worm' and promote horror with us by using our unique hashtags on social media.
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We Are Not a "Subscription Box"

The most important thing we want people to know is that we are not a subscription box in the same way people think about a subscription box. Typically, monthly book boxes contain one book and a lot of coordinated merchandise. We both have repped for Subscription Book Box companies before and both of us experienced a "burn out" on the excess merch. Tees we won't wear, hats or beanies we won't wear, too many coffee mugs or pint glasses, bumper stickers we won't use, or artwork that infringed on the author's intellectual property. Here's what you can expect from NIGHT WORMS:
  1. HORROR BOOKS- novels, novellas, author collections, short stories, chapbooks, anthologies, magazines and such. Quality horror. At least two physical books (often with signed bookplates) sometimes more or other readable material. The emphasis is on the books.
  2. THE 'GOODIE BAG'- Our customers love their monthly Night Worms Goodie Bag. Inside will be a surprise selection of 'goodies' that we pick out for you to enhance your reading experience. Examples: Custom, collectible bookmarks, stickers, magnets, and usually something yummy to drink (coffee, tea, or cocoa)
  3. BUYING MORE BOOKS- The publishers and horror creatives we work closely with want to be a part of Night Worms by offering exclusive content, downloads, coupons and discounts to you!
You can see a selection of Past Packages HERE

We Are Not a Review Site:

We have a blog where we further explore the Night Worms culture of reading, reviewing and promoting horror fiction. We feature independent reviews from our bookish friends, host guest posts from people in the horror fiction industry, and provide a platform for sharing cover reveals of new releases to celebrate the ever changing landscape of horror fiction. But we are not a review site. Ashley and I put all of our passion and hustle into providing our customers with the best representation of horror fiction each and every month. We concern ourselves with curating an aesthetically pleasing package based off of the theme we chose for each month. We take pride in the fact that we are working with indie authors and publishers providing real sales that support them in their writing goals and dreams to be successful horror creatives. We also pay close attention to the schedule of releases over the span of each year so that we can bring you the hottest titles from traditionally published books as well. The blog is a creative outlet for people like us who just want to celebrate horror and we provide them a platform on our website that is frequented by our built-in fanbase.
If you are looking for a Review Site, we recommend:

Our Night Worms Reps:


Johann, JOBIS89



We are scaling our company slowly and carefully giving the utmost respect and attention to the authors, publishers and customers we interact with and depend on to run a successful, bookish business. We love our horror-business adventure. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.
Sadie Hartmann & Ashley Saywers