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Frequently Asked Questions





  • What Can I expect from a Night Worms Book Club Package?

Buying our monthly, curated Book Club Package means that the books in the package have been selected by two dedicated fans of horror who recommend it to you. We have an eclectic taste, so you can expect a wide range of styles within the genre of horror. We believe strongly in promoting horror books so we also encourage (and will be rewarding) our customers who join us in reading, reviewing and promoting. We will also provide coupons and discounts to get MORE horror from publishers & distributors as well as artistically designed goodies to enhance your reading experience. 

  • When can I expect my Night Worms package?

Depending on when you order and if you are a monthly subscriber, your package can take anywhere from a few weeks to over a month to arrive. Let us explain:

We work on a pre-order, monthly subscription schedule. Our packages go on sale several weeks *before* we ship them so if you're buying the packages one at a time instead of subscribing, you are pre-ordering them several weeks in advance. If you are a monthly subscriber, you are auto-charaged every month on the 7th and your package is shipped the first week of the next month. Shipping times vary according to some new releases or interfering holidays but for the most part, we ship in the first few days of every month. Questions?

  • Do you have subscription options?
We have the option to purchase a subscription all month by preordering the next available package. Click "FULL DETAILS" on the current, live listing on our Home Page. You can subscribe to a month-to-month recurring charge on your pre-order.
  • How do I edit my account/cancel/renew/pause my subscription
When you subscribe, you make an account. You can login to your account at any time by clicking the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner of (pictures attached) Once you're logged in you can click manage your subscription and from here you can cancel or edit your information. 
*Month to month subscriptions auto renew on the 7th of each month. You must cancel BEFORE the 7th to ensure you are not billed.
  • Are you shipping International?

We currently ship to the US and our friends in Canada as well as the UK.

Unfortunately we are not extending our services to include all international orders at this time but we are reviewing our options to do so in the future. We want to be very good at servicing the US/Canada/UK before we feel confident enough to open our reach to globally. Please be patient with us as we scale responsibly.