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Diamond's Review- Carnivorous Lunar Activities by Max Booth III

Ted and Justin were once best friends, but have been drifting apart over the years. Then Ted gets an urgent phone call, Justin needs him to come over shoot him in the heart with a silver bullet.

Dialogue heavy stories have a tendency to not work great for me, narrow it down between two characters in a single setting and the odds get slimmer. Oh, you're going to try and be funny too? Now the odds are close to none. Lucky for me, Booth knew what he was doing...

Tav's Review- Gretchen by Shanon Kirk

Tav's Review- Gretchen by Shanon Kirk

Gretchen by Shannon Kirk

A review by Tav @readswithdogs

Last year I read and loved Into the Vines by Shannon Kirk, so I was really excited and a bit nervous to receive a copy of her newest novel, Gretchen!

Gretchen is about a fifteen-year-old named Lucy who’s been on the run from her supposedly estranged father since age two, with her mother. When they arrive in their eleventh state (New Hampshire), Lucy is determined to obey her mother’s rules: don’t make eye contact with...

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

2019 (bookish) Father's Day Gift Guide

By Ashley S. aka @bookishmommy

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had her shit together and wasn't posting a Father's Day Gift Guide approximately one week before Father's Day. But alas, this is a fairytale and that girl is not me. What's that you say? You didn't even know next Sunday, June 16th is Father's Day? Well, look at that! You're welcome! I am useful!

Also, thank you, thank you to Alex @findingmontauk1, Corey @grimdark_dad and Cameron @bookmovieguy for their...

Friday Feels- June 7th, 2019

Friday Feels- June 7th, 2019

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what horror is to me. Horror is all of the spooky and scary books and films I’ve read and watched where the protagonist is terrorized by ghosts and ghouls and vampires and monsters. But, horror is also what real people are all capable of behind closed doors. Stephen King said it best, “We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.”

-Kallie @pageandparlor

Zakk's review- Night Shoot by David Sodergren

Zakk's review- Night Shoot by David Sodergren


    “Crawford Manor.

    It had stood for centuries, a brooding sentinel overlooking the North Sea, long enough for old mysteries to settle and gnarled roots to creep insidiously into the earth. Within the dank walls of Crawford Manor, secrets were given time to breathe.

    To atrophy.”


    It’s always a pretty rad moment in a reader’s life when a new-to-you author and/ or book strikes a chord and resonates in ye olde brainpan. Something that gets you excited to spread the word or...