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Alex's Review- Cannibal Creek by Jon Athan

Food is one of the greatest gifts we as humans have been given.  I can eat all day and will fight anyone who dares try to stop me.  Whether you enjoy pizza, bacon, sushi, or even if you are vegan/vegetarian, the list of edible delicacies is nearly endless.  Imagine life without chocolates and sweets, juicy fruits, or cheese.  Remember a time at one of your favorite restaurants and ordering the juiciest steak you've ever had in your life.  Do you know what you didn't order?  You know what I didn't order or ask for?  Balls.  Human Testicles.  I did NOT order the balls.  Not once did I ask for my server for a bread basket of brass clankers or deez nuts.  Absolutely not.  But thanks to Cannibal Creek, I now know exactly what goes on when someone face plants into a man's crotch and starts gnashing his teeth and pigging out.  And that's just the beginning of what befalls the two families vacationing together in the woods in this tale of gore, survival, and cannibalism.  Trigger warnings: graphic and sexualized violence.
Jon Athan delivers a horrifying story with similarities to movies like The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Wrong Turn.  If you enjoyed those movies, then I can definitely say that you will like this book!  This book has the horror hillbilly trifecta: cannibals, incest, and necrophilia.  It's a smorgasbord of disgust.  And I am sure they have really busted teeth and chronic halitosis, but that rant is off topic.
So many scenes made me have to close the book or put it down to regain composure.  I tried closing my eyes a couple of times but this is not a horror movie, it's a book, and you kind of need to see the words in order for the story to continue.  I could smell burning flesh.  And I swear I could taste iron while reading.  Pro tip: shaking your head and squinting your eyes helps get you through the crazy scenes.  Trust.
I picked up on one (possibly unintentional) message LOUD and clear: Don't go camping, fools!  If lack of air conditioning, irritating bugs, ravenous bears, and sleeping on the ground isn't bad enough, now I am paranoid that I'll wake up getting my toes suckled and my earlobes nibbled off.  Or that I will simply wake up on fire like a human torch.
I could read sequels to this book if they are ever made because I enjoyed my thrill ride full of blood and tears!  The deaths are grotesque and described with such detail that any gore-horror fan will revel in these pages.  This book gets four blood-drenched stars from me!
Alex has always had a strong passion for horror, whether it be in books, movies, or TV shows.  In addition to the Night Worms, Alex is also a member of the Ladies of Horror Fiction team.  He currently lives in Alpharetta/Atlanta, Georgia where he enjoys life with his husband, cat, and wine.
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