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Tav's Review- Tribesmen by Adam Cesare

Tribesmen by Adam Cesare

Tribesmen was in my May Night Worms box, which featured books with the “final girls” theme. Tribesmen’s cover promises supernatural cannibal horror and boy does it deliver! I don’t want to give anything away that the back of the book doesn’t, so this will be brief.


I used to love staying up with my dad and watching those weird horror movies they only show late at night with lots of gore, guts and half-naked ladies gasping for breath. When I got older and found out how to navigate the internet I found Cannibal Holocaust, the Man From Deep River and Eaten Alive! All were part of the ’70s and '80s Italian exploitative cannibal cult filmmaking. These films all made a name for themselves by grossing the viewer out as much as possible with incredible amounts of gore and death. Tribesmen is all of that but in book form! It’s an entertaining quick read full of despicable people and deplorable actions, but man, was it fun! I loved the short chapters and the way Cesare cut right to the meat of it all and wasted no time getting to the bloody bits. If you can’t handle watching people ripped apart and eaten, perhaps reading about it will be better—after all, there’s no sound that comes with reading unless you count the squealing sounds I made and the brief cheer I let out at the end. That’s right—there’s a bit of a happy ending at the end of Tribesmen and I bloody loved it!


And if you liked Tribesmen and are looking for more I recommend We Eat Our Own

by Kea Wilson, another Cannibal Holocaust inspired book!


Review by Tav

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