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Mindi's Review of THE REDDENING by Adam Nevill

So guess who is going to be reading a lot more from Adam Nevill?


I want to start by talking about the actual book because the presentation means a lot to me. Of course, that jacket art is amazing, but I always remove the dust jackets when I read a book, and the cover underneath is a brilliant red with a pleasant grainy feel. My copy was sent straight from the author, and he included a bookmark with the title on it and a very cool inscription in Latin. The book is the perfect size for holding a hardcover (slightly smaller than most hardcovers) and the font is gorgeous and very pleasing to the eye. It also smells amazing. I sniff new books as well as old ones, and this one is very nice. Let's just say, before I even started reading I was impressed.


Kat is a lifestyle journalist who lives near Brickburgh, in Devon when suddenly a cave is discovered in the Brickburgh area near the sea. Helene is a single mother who is drawn to Brickburgh to try to understand why her brother would take his own life. He spent a lot of his time recording natural sounds in caves and other areas, and his last recordings were taken near a farm that is very close to the newly found cave.


Both women meet and are suddenly thrown together when their separate investigations put both of their lives in peril. The cave and the atrocities the archeologists find inside it turn out to be much more than anyone could imagine. There is an ancient entity in the vast network of caves in Brickburgh, and those who serve that entity will stop at nothing to keep the two women from snooping around.


THE REDDENING starts out as a slow burn that soon turns into a nightmarish gorefest. And I love it. The things the characters go through are thoroughly intense and absolutely nail-biting for the reader. I read so much horror that I constantly expect any author to just kill all of the characters and be done with it, so no character is too precious from my point of view. I was sincerely on the edge of my seat for a good part of this book, and I had no idea how Nevill was going to wrap the whole thing up. I enjoyed this book so much and cannot recommend it enough to all horror-loving readers. Pick this one up for the gore, high tension, and superb writing.


5 Stars


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