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Friday Feels- March 12th, 2021

Happy Friday Night Worms! I hope you all have had an excellent week and are ready to chill out and relax this weekend, because I know I am. It’s all about the balance, ya know? The balance between work and play is key for me, personally, as a reader. Otherwise I’d only ever read and get nothing done.

I also love a book with good balance. Balanced characters. Balance between gore and emotional horror. Balanced pacing. It’s all so important. One of the books that has the perfect-chef’s-kiss-balance is Crossroads by Laurel Hightower. You have probably heard me talk about this book before because it deserves to be talked about all time, and by everyone. Crossroads is a beautifully written book that you need to read ASAP. 

I’ve decided that every Friday Feels for the rest of the month will be all about the female authors that we love so keep checking back here every Friday to get some killer women in horror recs! Have a great weekend, Worms!

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