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Friday Feels- March 12th, 2021

Friday Feels- March 12th, 2021

Happy Friday Night Worms! I hope you all have had an excellent week and are ready to chill out and relax this weekend, because I know I am. It’s all about the balance, ya know? The balance between work and play is key for me, personally, as a reader. Otherwise I’d only ever read and get nothing done.

I also love a book with good balance. Balanced characters. Balance between gore and emotional horror. Balanced pacing. It’s all so important. One of the books that has the perfect-chef’s-kiss-balance is

Author Interview: Tave Chats with Laurel Hightower | CROSSROADS

Author Interview: Tave Chats with Laurel Hightower | CROSSROADS

Crossroads by Laurel Hightower

Published by Off Limits Press

Interview conducted by Tave @readswithdogs

Does writing such an emotional story take an emotional toll on you?

It definitely can – I’ve sometimes written things in order to rewrite history if that makes sense. If something didn’t turn out well in my life, I’ve made it do so in a story. Looking at the idea of losing a child was, and still is,...

Friday Feels- July 31st, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms! Are you ready to get wrecked? Good, because CROSSROADS by Laurel Hightower will do that to you. I had seen this one making the rounds on bookstagram with great reviews. I have this thing called book envy where I want what everyone is reading. Luckily, a good friend and fellow Night Worms reviewer, Matt aka @teamredmon, sent me hIs copy to cure my book envy. I read it as soon as I could after it got to my home...