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Friday Feels- August 23, 2019

Happy Friday, worms! This week I wanted to ramble for a second about Dear Laura by Gemma Amor. Our fearless leader and everyone’s horror mother figure, Sadie aka @mother.horror told me I needed this book and then basically forced me to read it immediately so we could talk about it. She hasn’t let me down with a book recommendation yet and this was no exception. I received the book, started and finished reading it in just about two and a half hours, the entire time messaging Sadie in all caps about different parts of the book. It’s suspenseful, scary, some parts are brutal and then it gets even scarier after you read it and start thinking about it. If you like the same kind of horror that I like, the kind that could happen to you IRL (that’s hip youth speak for in real life), then get this book and try to beat my reading time. Feel free to message me in all caps when you need to talk to someone about your feelings!

~Kallie @PageandParlor

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