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Follow Friday Feels- December 4th, 2020

Happy Friday, Worms! I’ve been sidelined from work with Covid symptoms this week so I’ve been working from home. My test came back negative but it’s still been a week of remote learning for me. In that time, I spent an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through instagram and wanted to share 10 of my favorite posts from the past 7 days. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe and wash your hands.

Beast by bookishmarie


Snowman bookstack by gray_reader_89


Ruin of Delicate Things by godzillareads


Ferrets & Vampires by kingsematary


Spooky Fireplace by spooky.octopus.reads


Book Wreath by bozzi1


December TBR by heyyyitsfahh


Book Haul by lastbookontheleft


Nightworms by bearpiglovesbooks


Curated by Matt @teamredmon

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