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Cover Reveal: #thighgap by Chandler Morrison


#thighgap by Chandler Morrison


Published by Cemetery Gates Media for the My Dark Library line curated by Sadie Hartmann "Mother Horror"


Cover Art: Justin O'Neal

Title page illustration: Ryan Mills


Los Angeles fashion model Helen Troy wasn’t always skinny. Drastic weight loss has given her everything–money, confidence, attention, respect. Being thin has legitimized her, and starvation has become an addiction.
Following an encounter with a seemingly “perfect” rival model who destabilizes Helen’s shaky self-confidence and shatters her fragile illusion of control, she’s sent into a tragic tailspin that will take her to the lowest depths of hell. Nightmarish versions of herself begin materializing in mirrors, and her tried-and-true coping mechanisms stop working. Reality comes apart at the seams as Helen’s disease manifests in increasingly self-destructive fashions, forcing her to ask herself…
What does perfection look like, and how much would you sacrifice to obtain it?



Praise for #thighgap


"Morrison beautifully illustrates the brutality and horrific agony that accompanies diagnoses such as anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia, and other self-injurious, trauma-driven behaviors. The protagonist's journey of pain is presented with transparent and vicious honesty. #thighgap is a book of importance and a story that has long needed telling."
-- Marian Echevarria, Co-host of Mothers of Mayhem


“Swift. Vonnegut. Palahniuk. All authors who affected societal change through their satiric voices and social commentary. Now, in 2022, it is Morrison’s voice that is added. #thighgap will leave the reader gutted while shining light on an overlooked and too often misunderstood illness.”
-- Christina Pfeiffer, Co-host of Mothers of Mayhem


Author Bio


Chandler Morrison is the author of Human-Shaped Fiends, Along the Path of Torment, Dead Inside, Until the Sun, Hate to Feel, and Just to See Hell.
His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals.
He lives in Los Angeles.

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