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Cover Reveal: STARGAZERS by LP Hernandez


STARGAZERS by LP Hernandez



Cover Art: Luke Spooner 


Don’t read with the lights on…this is My Dark Library.
A collection of novellas curated by Sadie “Mother Horror” Hartmann to represent her favorite themes, tropes, and subgenres in horror fiction today.
Mother Horror presents:

STARGAZERS by LP Hernandez

It began with a forum post titled “My Neighbor Has Been Staring at the Moon for Hours.” Dismissed as a poor attempt at fiction, other accounts soon joined, describing family members and neighbors gazing open-mouthed at the stars throughout the night. As the sun rises, the Stargazers are changed. Some gather in groups, some destroy, and some kill.
The unfolding chaos is familiar for war veteran, now father, Henry Sylva. As the city crumbles from its center, he relies on old instincts to save his family. But the enemy is all around, Stargazers and human monsters alike.
As Henry battles for survival a dwindling online community documents civilization’s end. A new beginning, perhaps, for what is to come.

Published as a limited release to a horror subscription service June 2022. Full release July 5th through Cemetery Gates Media






LP Hernandez is an author of horror and speculative fiction. His stories have been featured in anthologies from Dark Matter Magazine, Cemetery Gates Media, and Sinister Smile Press among others. He is a regular contributor to The NoSleep Podcast and was privileged to helm the Season 16 finale. He has released two short story collections including the fully illustrated The Rat King. When not writing, LP serves as a medical administrator in the U.S. Air Force. He is a husband, father, and a dedicated metalhead. Stargazers is his first novella.
You can find links to LP’s work at his website:
He is most active on Twitter:
But does maintain a Facebook page:

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  • The cover looks awesome! Looking forward to this one.

    • Kelsea Yu