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Side by Side Book Reviews: YOUR TURN TO SUFFER by Tim Waggoner




John's Review


A new Tim Waggoner is upon us, horror readers. And let us all give thanks for that.
This book i feel is best described as a supernatural Occult Horror, and man does Tim bring the violence, strange, and scary in spades here. I really enjoy Tim’s narrative voice. It’s always descriptive enough that I can see the scenes, but I don’t ever feel it’s so descriptive that I get bored. It’s always just enough. 
The plot kept me in its grip throughout the story. I wanted to know about the Cabal, about what Lorie could have done, and always needed to know what twisted thing Tim was going to think of next, and this book didn’t disappoint.
If you’re a fan of Waggoner, you know his brand of horror and this one is right up there among my favorites of the author. If you’re new to Tim, this is a great starting point. @steelrainreviews


Sadie's Review


Tim Waggoner has a unique storytelling voice that I have come to enjoy over the last year. His wheelhouse is taking familiar horror tropes and fashioning something new and fresh. I’ll write my review next week and share my reading experience—I took a lot of notes—but I will say, this book surprised me. I thought I knew what I could expect from Waggoner but YOUR TURN TO SUFFER was totally unexpected. Disturbing, bizarre, and totally off the rails. Look for my full review coming to Cemetery Dance soon! @mother.horror


“The woman leaned closer to Lori, and although it wasn’t, couldn’t be possible, her rectangular pupils rotated in opposite directions.”
Lori is having a bad day. Headaches have been driving her crazy and now an old lady with goat eyes confronts her in the store giving her a warning “Confess and atone -or suffer.”
Things go from bad to worse to outlandish. Weird cosmic inter dimensional things keep happening to Lori, her friends and her town.
Lori needs to find out what she did wrong and make up for it or else her entire world could be overrun.
Not the type of story I was expecting at all. It was interesting, compelling and there definitely was a lot of suffering but not the kind I thought there would be. The story was odd and you never knew what to expect. @pbanditp


Tim Waggoner is easily one of my favorites for a good horror read! After reading “They Kill” and “The Mouth of the Dark,” “Your Turn to Suffer” did not disappoint.

What I love about the author’s style is how he gets his characters to step away from their element. You think you know the characters well, but then they get possessed to do all sorts of unspeakable things. This book had many such moments when Lori encounters Melinda, Katie, and Brian. Brian is someone who terrified me towards the end. I did not expect him to become prominent of all the characters, but it worked so well.

Similarly, the woman with the goat eyes and the shadowy man is terrifying, and the story gave me the creeps. Moreover, while I initially did not concern about Larry and Justin, my heart went out to them later. While this is primarily a horror novel, I did go through various emotions. I also loved Edgar! Although he appears briefly, he was memorable!

Furthermore, the author also keeps the story fresh, and there is never a dull moment. The story starts with a bang as Lori witnesses the car crash with Neil from the getgo. From then on, the author maintains the momentum as Lori journeys into The Nightway and meets spine-tingling characters like Driver, Rauch, and Haruspex. Also, one of the terrifying moments of the story is when Rauch brainwashes Maureen into doing the horrific act. I don’t think I will forget that scene ever!

Overall, “Your Turn to Suffer” is probably my favorite from all of his works, and I hope he continues to write many more! @rajivsreviews

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