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Saying Goodbye to Summer: WORST LAID PLANS Book Party

Edited by Samantha Kolesnik
Published by Grindhouse Press


Worst Laid Plans is an anthology of vacation horror that was edited by Samantha Kolesnik and has a forward from the Night Worms crew’s fearless leader, Sadie Hartmann, AKA Mother Horror. When we found out that she had written something and her NAME WAS ON THE COVER, most all of us ordered it (if we hadn’t already). We love Sadie and wanted to support her and read some amazing stories, so some of the crew decided to throw a book party with this book. Gathered here are some blurbs from our reviews of the book and some photos that we posted on social media. 

 “I give this anthology a solid 3 stars. It was balanced, sort of... there were some excellent stories, but there were also some terrible stories that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Maybe the authors were going for vague and mysterious, but they just turned out to be confusing and forgettable. I still recommend, but don’t expect smooth sailing” -@mrsbeverlygibbs

This anthology was a nice mix of stories and authors. Most I’ve never heard of before and will definitely be checking them out. I have quit a few stories I’d consider 5 stars (they were my favorites) and all the rest besides one were 4 stars.. that one story really had me scratching my head. I still haven’t figured it out. My general consensus for this anthology was a 4.5.” -@n0vel.id3a

Like with all anthologies, there are some that fall short of the mark and others that knock it out of the park. On the whole though this collection really works. I also really appreciated the variety of vacation locales, from the typical beachfront resorts and cross country road trips to less common places like underground caverns and the streets of Malaysia.” -@reading.vicariously

I really enjoyed this collection! All the typical summer vacations are covered (road trip, theme park, exotic location, convention...) and each story had a thrilling twist. There's something for everyone here: gore, grossness, dark humor and even a little smut! ⁣

My favorite stories involved a creepy folklore creature, possible aliens and crocodiles. Definitely enough creepiness to keep me thinking about things and happy to staycation this year!⁣

Also, it was nice to see a well balanced group of authors included AKA not just a bunch of white men.” -@readswithdogs

As an adult, I see movies and read stories and the news about just how some vacations go horribly wrong. And that's scary! You are so out of your element and comfort zone when on vacation and that level of vulnerability is dangerous. WORST LAID PLANS is an anthology of stories that digs deep into just all the scary and awful things that can go wrong on vacations. It has some fantastic authors using their voices to truly knock us off our beach chairs. The diversity in these stories from age, gender, race, culture, and everything else is all crafted together for this perfect mix of vacation terror. And like with many/most anthologies, I got to discover some new authors that I will definitely be checking out more! 4 stars!” -@findingmontauk1

GREAT collection of short stories, and that means a lot coming from me. I'm not a huge fan of them. They usually tend to leave me only loving 1 or 2, so it's not worth it for me, most of the time. But this one is an exception. Don't know if it's because it's a summery collection, but i'm guessing that has a lot to do with it. There is a little bit of everything for everyone in this collection. You have supernatural elements, monsters, love, loss, and more spooky things. As I stated before, collections tend to disappoint me but I am happy to report that I enjoyed the majority of these. Of course, they will not ALL be for everyone, but that's ok. Some of my favorites include Peelings, Sex With Dolphins, and Summers With Annie, being my #1.” -@marcyreads


WORST LAID PLANS - An Anthology of Vacation Horror, edited by Samantha Kolesnik is an excellent blend of stories that I happily breezed right through. The forward is written by my friend Sadie Hartmann and I might’ve fangirled just a tiny bit (okay a lot 🤘🏻).” -@shereadswithcats


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