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Night Worms Book Party: THE LOOP by Jeremy R. Johnson

The Book: THE LOOP
The Author: Jeremy R. Johnson 
The Publisher: SAGA Press
Where to preorder: HERE

It’s quarantine and we are all stuck inside so the Night Worm review team had to party hard. The lovely folks over at Saga Press were able to send us all a copy of THE LOOP by Jeremy Robert Johnson right before they had to leave their offices for quarantine and our whole team dug it. All of our full reviews vary on what specifically we liked and disliked, but overall, we all really liked this book. 


These are the photos from social media and blurbs from our reviews.

“Cue some strange intro music like the eerie riffs from X-Files or the digital notes of that synthesized melody from Stranger Things and then settle into this binge-worthy, genre-mashup. Best known for his bizarro-horror style & flavor, Jeremy R. Johnson is an unexpected hero for the coming-of-age conspiracy thriller genre. Wait, is that a genre, or did JRJ just invent it? In any event, this book covers a lot of ground and offers something for everyone: A strong, female protagonist named Lucy, witty (hilarious) sidekick besties, Brewer and Bucket, and a rocket-fueled storyline about a biologically engineered virus leaked from a lab wreaking havoc in a rural, small town in the Pacific Northwest. But wait! That's not all!

Johnson showcases his talent for breathing authenticity into his characters through realistic dialog and meaningful relationships; a caustic creation capable of melting even the hardest hearts. I dare you not to feel your feelings. This is a favorite book of 2020 for sure.” -@mother.horror

Pandemic, epidemic, biological warfare... all of these horrors come from the same place. They come from greed and hubris. In the end, the details don't really matter. It's the lives that matter, the people who fought against everything to survive. Lucy and her friends fight hard in THE LOOP. You are definitely going to want to read their story. It's timely and soul-crushing and full of food for thought. In our current situation, Lucy and Bucket and Brewer seem even more real and important than any other fictional characters. This is a story I needed right now. Johnson has definitely touched a nerve.” -@gowsy33

“I read this in two sittings - only because I had to stop and go to sleep! Before I knew it I was finished with the book and I just had to stare at the wall and gather my feelings and heart from the bottom of the floor. This book was a JOURNEY and it was one I am so thankful for taking! 5 stars! ALL THE FIVE STARS!”-@findingmontauk1


There's a ton of teen angst and lust and familiar themes that got me connecting with the characters and nodding along to their conversations....this was a 4 🌟 read for me that has left a lasting impression!⁣” -@readswithdogs


Truly, this is a wild ride of a book and one that I'll absolutely be recommending as often as possible from this point on. I'm not a new reader of Jeremy Robert Johnson's work, but even if he weren't already cemented as an author I'd auto-buy, he would be after reading THE LOOP. It's that good, seriously! “ -@holo.reader


“The Loop was a pulse-pounding, explosive thrill ride from beginning to end. I dare you not to binge this book.” -@bookishmommy


“Fans and newcomers to Johnson’s work will find a lot to enjoy here. This was my first book from the author and I’ll be actively seeking out more from him. “ -@steelrainreviews


“JRJ hasn’t disappointed me once and in September, I highly recommend that fans of horror, science fiction, and thrillers pick this one up. It is a timely story that is well crafted and sends its protagonist, Lucy, on a dynamic adventure.” -@thehorrorhypothesis

What Johnson does is bring us realistic teen anxiety, true friendships, conspiracy, money over human life (ahem, hello real world here), ew inducing scenes that had my face wrinkled and basically one night of mayhem for our lead, Lucy. WHAT! Yes, exactly. You need to add this to your TBR.” -@wherethereadergrows


I loved the book and give it five stars. Once the action starts, you will be furiously turning pages until you reach the ending that, frankly, caught me completely off guard and that will stay with you for a long, long time. For me, Lucy joins the ranks of badass women in fiction along with Ellen Ripley, Alice, Selene, Sarah Connor, and Lisbeth Salander, just to name a few.” -@bloodguard60

In conclusion, “the loop” is a solid 5⭐️ read. Johnson’s skilled writing produced diverse, realistic characters in a unique setting dealing with unprecedented situations. The conspiracy seems not only real, but probable. This book has made me simultaneously afraid of the desert and the ocean. Well done!”-@mrsbeverlygibbs


I think this book makes my first or second favorite book of 2020. It obviously gets 5 stars for being an action and gore packed wild ride of a book that is rife with wonderfully written characters and beautiful cinematic-feeling horror scenes. I highly recommend it.“ -@pageandparlor


“I very much enjoyed my first foray into Jeremy Robert Johnson's writing. I enthusiastically recommend 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘓𝘰𝘰𝘱 to anyone that enjoys being punched repeatedly in the face and having their heart stomped on, but you know, in a good way.” -@teamredmon


“Johnson is a gifted writer with a limitless imagination. THE LOOP is the second book I’ve read from him, and I continue to be blown away by his talent. THE LOOP takes place in one night, which adds to that compulsive, grab-the-book-by-both-hands-and-don’t-let-go feeling. I enjoyed every bit of the viscerally immersive chaos, carnage, and mayhem. So if all of the above sounds like your brand of horror, then you know what to do.” -@shereadswithcats

“I will say that this would be a great recommendation for those new to the horror genre as well as younger readers. But this truly is for any age! This will certainly be one I will proudly add to my shelf and is currently in my TOP 5 of 2020!” -@kamis_korner

This was definitely an action-packed novel that not only delivered with the horror but also excelled at friendship and love. Don’t let the friendship and love fool you because as I said, it really delivers when it comes to horror. Some of the descriptions and scenes definitely terrified me.”’ -@marcyreads



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