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Happy Release Day! A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE by Josh Malerman

If you are an OG Night Worms subscriber, you will remember our MALERMANIACS package we did in April 2019. 

We included Malerman's brand new (signed) release, INSPECTION
The novella, A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE published by This is Horror
and the latest issue of Rue Morgue with a big feature on Josh Malerman
Plus a bunch of Malerman Goodies
It was a great package!
What made this even cooler was that several months later, This is Horror announced that A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LAKE was going out of print so the edition we sent out made it that much more collectible. Today, we're celebrating the re-release of this amazing book!


by Josh Malerman
Published by Del Rey
January 19th, 2021
From the New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box and Malorie comes a haunting tale of love and mystery, as the date of a lifetime becomes a maddening exploration of the depths of the heart. “Malerman expertly conjures a fairy tale nostalgia of first love, and we follow along, all too willingly, ignoring the warning signs even as the fear takes hold.”—Lit Reactor The story begins: young lovers, anxious to connect, agree to a first date, thinking outside of the box. At seventeen years old, James and Amelia can feel the rest of their lives beginning. They have got this summer and this summer alone to experience the extraordinary. But they didn’t expect to find it in a house at the bottom of a lake. The house is cold and dark, but it’s also their own. Caution be damned, until being carefree becomes dangerous. For the teens must decide: swim deeper into the house—all the while falling deeper in love? Whatever they do, they will never be able to turn their backs on what they discovered together. And what they learned:
Sadie Hartmann's Review:
This novella is an English teacher's dream! I wish I was 17 again and in Mr. Emmett's English class. The students could read this and discuss all the metaphors and symbolism while Mr. Emmett nods his head with approval and then blows all our minds with his thoughts on this book. He would LOVE this book!
James and Amelia go on a first date--but not your typical first date for two 17 year olds. They venture out on a lake in a canoe-James cursing the fact that he chose to sit in front and can't see Amelia, who is rowing behind him and Amelia giggling to herself because she can see a bit of James' crack peeking out from his swim trunks. Man, I loved the way Malerman wrote this. It was authentic. Genuine. Painfully sincere and precious-- it immediately made all this nostalgia come flooding into my mind.
The day takes an interesting turn as they discover a hidden lake, accessible to them by squeezing the canoe through a tight tunnel partially hidden in some bushes. As they explore their new, isolated surroundings they discover the roof line of what appears to be a house submerged underwater.
From this point on, Malerman begins to develop this impressive metaphor for young love. If I could, I'd stand up in my armchair on this foggy, MLK Monday, in my PJ's and slow clap for this sweet, sweet story.
Don't pick this up expecting to be scared-but first love is scary.
And don't think this is a horror novella...although a house underwater is horrifying.
Just enjoy this fairytale-like tale of two young lovers who discover, adventure, explore and dream in A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE, where the only one who sees them, is you

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