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Friday Feels- October 4th, 2019

Happy Friday Night Worms! Today we’re going a little off the beaten path of horror books and talking about some possible real-life horrors. If you’re anything like me, you love planning weird and spooky things to do with your friends and family during October. I always find things like “crybaby’s bridge,” or different haunted houses to go and check out. It Came From Ohio... has definitely helped me on my search for the weird, wild and unexplainable. I know you may not be from Ohio, but there is a book like this almost everywhere. It is so worth forgoing those big chain book stores and checking out smaller indie book stores to find these kinds of books by local authors. My family is definitely checking out The Hower House in Akron, this year and it’s all thanks to James Renner, a local author writing about local lore.




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