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Friday Feels- November 22nd, 2019

Happy Friday Night Worms! It’s that time of year again, and no, I’m not talking about a turkey dinner or a chubby guy shimmying down your chimney. It’s the time of year where everyone is getting some kind of sickness. It’s tearing through my house right now and knocking us each down like bowling pins. So what do you do when your laid up and resting? YOU READ! An awesome book to read when you’re drinking your tea (or a hot toddy because you can) is LITTLE HEAVEN by Nick Cutter. I have read all of Cutter’s work and I am a huge fangirl. But LITTLE HEAVEN is one of my favorites of his! The illustrations are beautiful and it’s one heck of a creepy and gross ride. So remember to check it out if you’re struck down with the sickness (I know you just made that oh wah ah ah ah noise from the song. It’s okay, I did too.)

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