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Friday Feels- May 7th, 2021


Happy Friday, Night Worms! I am glad to see that we all made it through another week. I’m also happy that we are all back and ready for more book recs. And recs I have! This week was #TeacherAppreciationWeek so I have a bunch of loosely school/teacher themed books for you. Some of the characters might be teachers or the setting might be a school.


Kicking us off we have a two-for-one with Carrie and The Shining by Stephen King. Jack Torrance was a former teacher in The Shining. And the turning point for Carrie was at her school!


Cambridge was a beautiful setting for part of White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi.


Plain Bad Heroines takes place at an all girls boarding school by Emily M. Danforth


I will always love sneaking in the old middle grade creeps, Like Haunted Schools: True Ghost Stories by Allan Zullo.


Whisper Down the Lane Clay Mcleod Chapman takes place mainly at a school and the main character is a teacher! (Thedesing of this book and it’s end pages of this book scream, “PRESCHOOL,’ in the best way.)


Penpal by Dathan Auerbach creeps me out as a mom. This whole book is only possible because of a school project.


The Babysitters Coven and For Better of Cursed by Kate Williams is all centered around a highschool student who is friends with the gym teacher! These ones are so fun.


My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix is a literary masterpiece as far as I am concerned. It loosely connects to teachers because it follows high school students and the school serves as part of the setting.


The Mentor by Lee Matthew Goldberg is more of a thriller that it is horror, but it’s fast paced and fun. It follows a college student and the professor that mentors him.


The main character in the AMAZING The Rats by James Herbert is an east London Art teacher.

Have a great weekend, Worms, and Thank you to all you lovely teachers out there!


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