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Friday Feels- May 29th, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms! I have 2 things to talk about today. The first is that SADIE’S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND IS HERE! Make sure you stop by her social media and wish her a happy birthday. You can also go to the Night Worm’s YouTube channel where there will be horror authors reading from their books ALL WEEKEND! Sadie is throwing her own horror birthday party with this event and I am ready to celebrate. Happy birthday, Sadie!

The next thing I wanted to talk about is my book rec of the week! THE CIRCLE by Dave Eggers is a sci fi dystopian novel that is not that one Netflix show that everyone is obsessed with. There was a film adaptation starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks but I have to admit that I haven’t seen it. The book is a fun read that I read so quickly (I read it on a plane to Vegas). It makes you paranoid and tense. It’s definitely a book that is worth checking out when you can!

That’s it! I hope you all are being safe and you have a great weekend while you CELEBRATE HORROR with the Night Worms! - Kallie @pageandparlor


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