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Friday Feels- March 5th, 2021

Hey Night Worms! Happy Friday and happy belated World Book Day. I suggest that World book day should become WORLD BOOK WEEKEND (imagine that super loud with lots of echoes- weekend, eekend, eekend, eekend). We all have connected because we love books. You’re reading this right now on a website started by two book nerds (yes, book nerds Sadie and Ashley). I think that we owe it to ourselves to make it more than a day. I think that books deserve more than one day to be highlighted. We should celebrate the books we love for more than 24 hours. We deserve this World Book Weekend after all we’ve been through, right? So I implore you to try a new to you author this weekend, read out of your comfort zone, and definitely put an end to your book buying ban. Pick up the book you’ve been putting off, or maybe that book your friend loaned to you that you just haven’t gotten to yet. I think Stephen Graham Jones or Hailey Piper would be a good place to start! And I know a lot of people that want to read Victor LaValle and just haven’t gotten to him yet. And you KNOW I will always recommend Craig Davidson! We owe it to ourselves and our books to celebrate with reading! We have earned this! Have a great weekend “celebrating,“ Worms!
Love, Kallie @pageandparlorbooks

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