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Friday Feels- March 27th, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms! If you’ve been around for a minute, you know I love some witchy books. I LOVE WITCHES. I like learning about their spells and their powers and how they view the world. If you need to sell me on a book, put a witch in it. So one of our lovely Night Worms founders, Ashley, recommended DEVIL’S CALL by J. Danielle Dorn because WITCHES. I gathered up a few internet friends to buddy read with me, as one does, and we got down to business (who says internet friends aren’t real friends). You guys, we all loved it.

It’s a western witch tale all about revenge and the love a mother has for her daughter. This is one of those rare books that is extremely easy to read. It isn’t dumbed down, it’s just an easy read. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am an adult who has stupid responsibilities, I would have finished this book in a single sitting. I highly recommend it if you’re like me and love witchy books.

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy and I hope you have a good weekend while you READ THIS BOOK because you totally need to. ~Kallie @pageandparlor

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