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Friday Feels- March 26th, 2021

Happy Friday Night Worms! This week has flown by, am I right? Today I want to kick your weekend off with a *spicy* extreme horror pick by C.V. Hunt.
The villain in this book is seriously a perfect bad guy. There is a lot of dry humor, that I am a big fan of. Hunt also put a TON of graphic sex scenes in this story- now, I normally would say ‘love scenes’ when I talk about the steamy stuff, but this book absolutely doesn’t call for that. This book calls for ‘sex scenes.’ It’s not for the weak of heart or the timid. It is not for anyone who has a hard time reading graphic scenes. However, it IS for those wanting to push boundaries and up their extreme horror game. It will make you squirm. It will make you uncomfortable and you will not forget it. It’s the perfect book to rock your weekend hard, Worms. I hope you’re all safe and have a killer weekend.

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