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Friday Feels- June 4th, 2021


Happy Friday (feels) Night Worms! I am FINALLY catching back up on my reading. I have had a really hard time keeping up with my own reading goals recently but NO LONGER. I have been reading lots of fun and new books that you should expect to see in the next few #fridayfeels . But for today I wanted to hit you folks with a book that I have loved for a while, now! Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone by Stefan Kiesbye is eerie, y'all. It's deeply unsettling and I would dare classify it as *almost* a coming-of-age novel. It is brutal and has quite a few things that are really hard to read, but I HAVE to recommend it to everyone who likes horror. Aside from it's contents, the cover is AMAZING. My copy is a bit torn up and battered but it still boasts a beautiful detail that you can only see in the right light. There is a sentence written in ONLY GLOSS that reads, " IF YOU TELL ON ME YOU'RE DEAD."


I know. It's so creepy, right? There are terrifying kids and a town cut off from the world that are both beautifully written into this heartfelt novel. I HIGHLY recommend you add it to your shelves ASAP!

Have a great weekend, Worms!
Kallie @pageandparlorbooks

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