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Friday Feels- June 25th, 2021


Happy Friday Feels Night Worms! I don’t know about you, but I have been getting busier and busier and it’s been harder and harder to make time to read huge chunks of books at one time. Tiny Nightmares was my first dive into horror flash fiction. I’ve read anthologies before but this is an anthology sped up! It’s so easy to read a quick story in between appointments or zoom meetings. The book is also the perfect size to take with you on the go. The length of these stories works really well for me because my attention span has been so small lately. I only stay focused for a few minutes before my brain switches to something else and wants something new. 
There are some KILLER stories in this book, a few that are a little dull, but most of the stories rule! Tiny Nightmares is perfect to keep your reading on track when your busy or feel unfocused. I highly recommend it to every horror lover. Have a great weekend, Worms!



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