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Friday Feels- June 19th, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms! So, as you may have imagined, the team of Night Worms reviewers has a group chat where we all talk about books and life and... well, mainly books. We just like reading and debating over pickles, okay? It’s who we are. I digress. Anyways, two days ago, the one and only Mother of Horror, our fearless co-leader, messages the group to tell us how this book she is reading is so gross. Most of us were intrigued by a yucky book because we’re weirdos. A bunch of us went out, bought the book and read it IMMEDIATELY. And when I say ‘IMMEDIATELY’ I mean a lot of us were flipping that final Kindle page less than 24 hours later, myself included. You guys, this book is gross. Like really gross. I’m not usually one for trigger warnings, but this book has about every trigger warning to give. It pushes boundaries and tests a reader's limits. But the whole time, it’s actually really cute. It’s a horrific romance that will make you feel really weird saying “awe!” Chandler Morrison is an author I need to read more from ASAP. (Pst, I hear he has a book coming up in a certain Splatter Western series from Death’s Head Press.) Whenever a writer can make me relate to a character that is an immoral, perverted, yucky, no-good, criminal, you know he’s got chops. What’s more, is I wasn’t only relating to this human dumpster fire, I WAS ROOTING FOR HIM.

This book is gross and taboo and you should approach it very cautiously, but you should definitely approach it.  It’ll make your stomach churn but pull on your heartstrings at the same time. Pick it up this weekend and then DM me so we can talk about it because I HAVE FEELINGS, Y’ALL.  Have a safe and adventurous weekend, Night Worms. ~Kallie @pageandparlor

DEAD INSIDE by Chandler Morrison

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