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Friday Feels- July 17th, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms and welcome back! We have had a few weeks to take a break and I am jumping right back in. Instead of recommending a book this week, I wanted to talk a little bit about the artists of the book world. Most of us, even though we claim otherwise, will 100% judge a book by its cover. Art is everywhere in the horror world, and not just in the words.  Artists are responsible for that cover we’re taking photos of for Instagram. Artists are responsible for the illustrations in the book and even the bookmarks we use. So today, I wanted to highlight some really cool artists for y’all to check out! Some of them have been featured in past Night Worms packages and some of them you have probably seen and never thought about its origins.

  1.  Daniele Serra - Daniele Serra is a given. Of course, he is going on this list. It’s almost impossible to talk about art in the horror lit world and NOT mention him.
  2. Matthew Revert - I have loved every single cover I have seen of Matthew Revert’s. His work stands out and is easily recognized.
  3. Dave Dick - Dave Dick’s art is spooky. No other way to say it. 
  4. Lynne Hansen - Lynne Hansen has beautiful colorwork on her covers. She knows what a good cover is because she is also an author.
  5. Kealan Patrick Burke aka Elderlemon Design - Speaking of being an author and an artist, Kealan Patrick Burke writes some scary stuff and still makes great art.
  6. Michael Whelan - Michael Whelan’s art is fantastic. His pieces have a surreal beauty.
  7. Jae Lee - Jae Lee has a really cool style. Dark but beautiful and fun but still very serious.
  8. Junji Ito - Everyone knows Junji Ito’s art by now, right? It’s so creepy and cool.
  9. Fiona Staples - Fiona Staples is a really rad artist. I’m sure you’ve seen those Saga covers floating around, right? Yea, she’s the one who did it.
  10. John Bolton -John Bolton’s work looks like a horrific oil painting that is perfect for the horror genre.
  11. Emily Carrol - Emily Carrol’s art is FUN. It’s spooky but it’s clean and has a great color scheme.
  12. Rovina Cai - Rovina Cai's art is ethereal and haunting. Definitely, someone, I’m always looking towards for good art.
  13. Karlee Patton - The one-woman team behind A Stranger Dream, where every horror lover gets their bookmarks.
  14. Kim Myatt - Kim Myatt’s art is dark. The color palette of each piece is well thought out and her images stick with you.


Check these artists out and let me know who I missed! I love finding new artists! Have a great weekend Night Worms! ~Kallie @pageandparlor

*The editor recommends the talents of Don Noble for memorable cover art design

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