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Friday Feels-Friday the 13th, September 2019

Happy Friday the 13th Night Worms! Since today is Friday the 13th AND a full  moon, I have put together a list of 5 slasher (a la Friday the 13th) or spooky (a la the full moon) books I’ve read this year that would be great to read today! I know that I’m a superstitious gal, so I plan on hunkering down and reading today to avoid any weird or bad things that may happen. So, if you plan on being like me today, check out the list for some fun reads!

1. Video Night by Adam Cesare
This book is FUN. It’s an alien slasher that I flew through where a group of teenage nerds fights off alien body snatchers. I mean, what more do you want?

2. If you see her by Ania Ahlborn
This is a spooky slow burn. Spooky. Old. House. That’s all you need to know.

3. Night Shoot by David Sodergren
 David Sodergren writes gory slashers so well that it hurts.  Creepy castle on a cliff and a monstrosity of a person killing people inside? Count me in.

4. Sour Candy- Kealan Patrick Burk
At only 74 pages, this book will leave you terrified of every little kid you see in the grocery store and anything with antlers.

5. The Ritual by Adam Nevill
Yes, this was made into a movie on Netflix. But trust e, the book is better. 4 friends have to survive the middle
of the Scandinavian wilderness and what dwells within it.

~Kallie @PageAndParlor

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