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Friday Feels- February 28th, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms!  It’s our last #fridayfeels of Women in Horror Month and I had a completely different post planned for today but then I binged this whole book. (It was supposed to be a buddy read and I just flew through it, oops.) As soon as I set it down I knew I had to show this one off instead of my originally planned photo. THE BABYSITTER’S COVEN by Kate Williams is as much fun on the inside as it is on the outside. There are some seriously cool and strong female protagonists. But this book has more than just a lady lead, there is a very good dog, family love, lots of sass, magic powers and spells, and I even got some fashion tips. If you like Buffy or The Curious Adventures of Sabrina, this one is for you. You’ll have a great time reading it and it will be a beautiful addition to your shelves! -Kallie @pageandparlor

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