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Friday Feels- February 19th, 2021

Happy Friday Night Worms! I’M BACK, BABY! Did you miss me? Because I missed you all! My family and I are settling nicely into Las Vegas and my reading has picked back up now that I’m not planning a move across the country (funny how that works).

One of the first books I read in 2021 was SLASHVIVOR by Stephen Kozeniewski and Stevie Kopas. I was immediately excited to share it with everyone because it RULES. It is gross and fun and fast paced. It also has a lot to say about poverty when you swipe away all the blood and guts. I loved it’s interesting concept and it’s unique characters. It is something that would be a killer read for you... possibly this weekend?

Anyway, I’m so happy to be back in action and recommending some killer books to you all. I have to shout out Sadie and Ashley, for being so understanding about me needing some time off to move (thanks dudes, love you). I also want to give a huge thank you to Matt ( @teamredmon ) for taking over with #followfridayfeels while I was taking some time off.
Have a safe and happy weekend, Worms.

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