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Friday Feels- February 14th, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms and happy Valentine’s Day! My v-day date and I are having a quiet night in. My date is really quiet and kinda stiff but they tell wonderful stories.

Books. My date is books. And being that February is Women in Horror Month, I wanted to suggest a female-written horror book. THE HUNGER by Alma Katsu is amazing. It’s a slow burn of a book that adds historical fiction and truly ominous terror. Katsu took the legendary Donner Party and thrown in suspense, a bit of the supernatural and a seriously chilling atmosphere to give us a super creepy book. The best part? She has a new book coming out soon so you won’t have to wait very long for another work from her once you’ve finished this one.

The Hunger will be a great Valentine’s Day date for you. We’re book nerds and let’s face it, there is no better date than a book!

~Kallie @pageandparlor

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