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Friday Feels- "Favored Fiction" August 7th, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms! It’s time for another #favoredfiction but this time, it’s with one of our newer team members. I have seen Glenn (thehellbound_heart) talk about how much he loved IT by Stephen King everywhere. I messaged him with no context and asked him why he liked IT and his answer was great.

He said:
“ Random. Haha. But since you asked. Saddle up!
When we were little we moved around so much due to dad's business. Literally, like every one to two years we'd pack up and move to the next city or state so I never really made any real friends. I hated it. All I wanted was some pals 🤣 long story short my grandfather passed away when I was 6 or so and our grandmother came to live with us. She became my best friend, we had an amazing bond and we would go around in every new town and state we moved to and explore their books stores, thrift stores, libraries, etc. She would buy Goosebumps and other books I wasn't allowed to read and hide them at the bottom of her library bag or handbag and sneak them to me later if I watched her Agatha Christie TV shows with her in return. She joined a bowls club in the town we eventually settled in and one day they had this huge book club sale and she comes home with this book by a new author. You probably guessed it was IT. I was around 10 or 12 by now and she thought I was ready for some bigger and scarier books. Without sounding lame it was automatically special to me because it was the first adult book my grandmother had ever gotten me and it was the last as well. She passed away just over a month later and it completely destroyed me. I had just lost my best friend and when I turned to IT to read in her memory I found my new best friends, the losers club.  I can't explain what it was but reading it took me away long enough to have fun, be amazed at how real and lived in Derry felt, to be scared of something other than the idea of mortality and how soon enough my parents would be in the same place my grandparents were, and how one day I would be there too. IT showed me that terrible things can happen but it's not the end of the world if you fight back. The writing was unlike anything I had ever read, the scare factor was on steroids compared to Goosebumps, and it was the first book that ever took me someplace else while reading it.
And it always makes me think of the best times I ever had with the most important woman in my life.“

It is a great book that you need to pick up ASAP! ~Kallie @pageandparlor

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