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Friday Feels- December 20th, 2019

Happy Friday Night Worms! I’m keeping with the winter theme today and I’ve made myself into a snow queen since it’s just started snowing here in Ohio. Our February Night Worms packages go on sale today! If you’ve been keeping up with the spoilers, you know that LULLABIES FOR SUFFERING is an anthology collection that will be featured in the HORROR ADDICTION package. One of the authors in that anthology is Caroline Kepnes (I know, I’m excited too). And if you head over to our Instagram page, you can ask Caroline Kepnes ANYTHING on our post today. There are more details on that post, but let’s talk about Kepnes for a second, yea? Obviously YOU is massive now. The book is wonderfully creepy and the series on Netflix is great. My personal fave of hers is PROVIDENCE though. Not quite horror, but still full of horror and sci-fi elements and still a great read. I plan on heading over to the Night Worms post to ask a few questions about Providence because I have lots of them!

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