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FRIDAY? FEELS- April 17th, 2020

Happy whatever day it is, Night Worms. Fun fact, you almost didn’t have a Friday Feels photo for today because I honestly thought today was Thursday. Quarantine is messing with my head, y’all Whenever I have days like this I need something amazing and silly and supernatural and quick to read.  SUPERGHOST by Scott Cole is exactly that. While I thought the dialogue was a little off, the story overall is super rock and roll. It’s a mad scientist revenge tale with a giant glued together ghost limb monster ghoul thing. Yep, you read that right. It’s so awesome. There are even some great puns. If you have been around for a minute, you know I love a good pun. It’s definitely something perfect to read when you need to get your day (or days) back on track in isolation. Have a good whatever day today is, folks!

Kallie @pageandparlor

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