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Follow Friday Feels with Matt: January 15th, 2021

Hey, worms. Matt here. I just finished Dead Inside by Chandler Morrison right before sitting down to put this list together. But I am broken. I feel like every bit of me has been sullied by that book. Yes, it’s 100% a five-star read but I think my DNA is dirty now. Anyway, here are some cool posts from this week on bookstagram. I hope you like them.


Stack of scary women by tracyreads



The Flashlighters by thebradprocter



Jonathan Janzuary by mylifewithbooksandbeans



Christopher PIke by mandymorgue87



Talking about book reviews by iflirtwithcakesandshoes


The Ruin of Delicate Things by dlgillis20


The Thirteenth Koyote by corrinarhcpmorse



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