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Cover & TOC Reveal: BLACKBERRY BLOOD: A Dark Selection of Poetry and Fiction


BLACKBERRY BLOOD: A Dark Selection of Poetry and Fiction

Edited by: Aiden Merchant & Julia Lewis

Cover Artist: Gemma Amor

"Text subject to adjustments prior to release"

Foreword by Sadie Hartmann
The Trunk by Scott Cole
Bird Brother by Tabatha Wood
My Abby by Kathleen Palm
Pumpkin Mom by Daniel Barnett
Soul to Keep by Emily Ruth Verona
Victor II by Marisca Pichette
What You Never Wanted by G. A. Link
Piece by Piece by Brennan LaFaro
Pests by Matthew Brady
Night Hunters by Julia Lewis
Though This Feelin' I Can't Change by Janine Pipe
The Greater Secrets of Carbocations by Arasibo Campeche
Occulta Gravis by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Aftershock by Tabatha Wood
Dinner Guest by Jay Alexander
Sympathetic Cells by Matt Holder
IX by Marisca Pichette
Revive by Tabatha Wood
Fear of Myself by G. A. Link
The Ones In Between by Heinrich von Wolfcastle
Beyond Shadow by Benjamin Vandersluis
Pillow Thoughts by Julia Lewis
Interview w/ Erica Robyn
Interview w/ Andrew Post
Interview w/ Daniel Barnett
Interview w/ Jayson Robert Ducharme

Aiden Merchant
[An Independent Publisher and Editor]
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Twitter @PressSnow
Instagram @SnowCappedPress


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  • I sent over the TOC with a typo. It is Emily Ruth Verona. Her name is correct elsewhere, I just mistyped on the email of information. I’m sorry!

    • Aiden Merchant