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Cover Reveal- THERE'S MORE OF US THAN YOU KNOW: A Queer Horror Anthology Benefitting the Trevor Project


THERE'S MORE OF US THAN YOU KNOW A Queer Horror Anthology Benefitting the Trevor Project


Edited by Spencer Hamilton


Artist credit: Original paintings "The Horde" and "Skellyfish" by Niall Hamilton, aka What Lurks Within the Paint (@hamilton_niall on Instagram) Cover designer Kristina of TrubornDesign (@nw.reader on Instagram) 


Foreword by Eric LaRocca, author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke


Publishing on June 13, 2022, in ebook and paperback, from Blood Rites Horror


We're here. We always have been. All this time, lurking in the shadows. The queer experience has run rampant in the horror genre for decades, and we're only getting louder. There are those who would deny us our time in the spotlight, our time covered in blood. But no longer. We're stepping out of the shadows, and screaming till our throats shred:


There's more of us than you know.


This bold new anthology brings stories from 12 macabre minds within the LGBTQIA+ community together to celebrate queer horror. Our stories run the gamut, from overt queer themes to classic horror tales starring queer protagonists, from campy to literary to weird and every shadowy niche in between. We invite you to come along and allow us to terrify you.


But take comfort . . . You're not alone.


There's More of Us Than You Know not only celebrates the vast spectrum of queer horror, but it also aims to raise awareness of the struggles that our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth face every day. Every penny earned through sales of this anthology will thus go to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit dedicated to suicide prevention in LGBTQIA+ youth. Learn more about their organization at




About the editor:


Spencer Hamilton is a queer horror author and editor living in Philadelphia. His works include the short story collection Kitchen Sink, his debut novel The Fear, and the Smileyland novella Sister Funtime. Sadie Hartmann aka Mother Horror called The Fear "a sweet-spot for the supernatural and body horror" and The Lesbian Review called it "psychologically upsetting and physically ghastly." His short fiction has appeared in several anthologies from Blood Rites Horror, DarkLit Press, and Dead Sea Press. Get a free copy of his novella Welcome to Smileyland by joining his newsletter at

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