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Cover Reveal: THE PALLBEARERS CLUB by Paul Tremblay


The Pallbearers Club is a bit of a departure from my previous two novels (The Cabin at the End of the World and Survivor Song), both of which took place during a short/compressed timeline. This novel is presented as the memoir of someone who calls himself Art Barbara, and it spans almost four decades. In fall of 1988, as a cringy, unpopular senior in high school, Art is desperate to enhance his college applications with an extracurricular activity. He starts the Pallbearers Club, volunteering at a local funeral home to serve elderly and homeless who don’t have many or any living relatives. Only two classmates join the club, but later, a college-aged woman joins. According to Art, she might be a supernatural entity from New England folklore. But she gets her fair say too, commenting at the end of every chapter and sometimes within the margins of the text.
There will be a fun interior design element to the novel with the marginalia, and William Morrow has committed to printing the text in two-color ink (red and black), but only for the first edition hardcovers. So, if you want one of the two-inkers, pre-ordering is the way to go. 
Anyway, cue a couple of early blurbs from two amazing, gracious writers and people:
"The Pallbearers Club is Tremblay at his most audacious best. It's such a sneaky mindblower! It'll burrow deep inside you, and by the end, you'll be wondering if the room you're sitting in, the people you're talking with, or even your own memory, are real. This book is horror's answer to Nabokov's Pale Fire." -- Sarah Langan, author of Good Neighbors

"The most beautiful and heartbreaking funeral I've been to in a long time, The Pallbearers Club is melancholy, funny, and very cruel, but you won't regret carrying this coffin." -- Grady Hendrix, bestselling author of The Final Girl Support Group






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