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Cover Reveal: The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls by Angela Sylvaine


The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls by Angela Sylvaine
Publisher: Dark Matter INK
Release Date: May 21, 2024

The Dead Spot: A corner drenched in shadow. An earthquake’s epicenter. The part of a roller coaster ride where the car rounds the final curve and all force dissipates, leaving those trapped beneath the safety bar feeling sick and hollow.
From the beloved author of Frost Bite and Chopping Spree comes this heartbreaking horror collection about girls and women trapped by circumstance, manipulation, and obsession. The book includes a moving introduction by J. A. W. McCarthy, Shirley Jackson Award finalist for Sometimes We're Cruel, and seventeen stories by Sylvaine. The stories include: Astronaut Dreams, The Bride, New Hue, Playing Tricks, Sorry, We’re Open, Antifreeze and Sweet Peas, "If Heard, Please Call", Starved, Return of The Wilderness Girls, Night Maere, The Dead Spot, Burnt Embers and Bluebirds, Mr. Chew, Crimson Clover, Unrestful Dogs, Clutching Air, Edge of Decay.

ncludes an introduction by J. A. W. McCarthy


"Angela Sylvaine has delivered a beautifully melancholic collection of stories. These tales of lost girls, of shattered childhoods and broken hearts, of women battling monsters or confronting their darkness, will bury beneath your skin long after the last story has sung its mournful tune. Creative ideas, captivating prose, and aching moments of love, ghosts, art, nightmares and more, all coalesce into an inventive collection. Sylvaine's storytelling voice is impactful and exciting."

-Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award winning author of The Devil's Dreamland


"A remarkable collection of stories centered on the themes of obsession, desire, and betrayal, THE DEAD SPOT: STORIES OF LOST GIRLS will draw you in with beautiful prose and leave you longing for more from this talented author."

-Christi Nogle, Bram Stoker Award® winning author of Beulah


  “The Dead Spot-Stories of Lost Girls is a beguiling collection of tales that immediately drew me in, chewed me up, and spit me out the other side all the better for it. Angela Sylvaine’s debut horror collection is a revelation.”
-Caleb Stephens, author of Feeders and The Girls in the Cabin  


“Whether formed in the guise of paper dolls or forged from the wilderness, the girls in these stories may rise from the depths alone, but they return together, forever changed by the events that shape their stories. In The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls, Angela Sylvaine strikes with a sharp and stylized wit, claiming her place as a rising star in horror. Filled with sweet surprises and gnawing desires, The Dead Spot is a success to be savored.”

-Carina Bissett, author of Dead Girl, Driving & Other Devastations and award-winning editor of Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas

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