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Cover Reveal: ON STOLEN LAND by Stephanie Rabig

On Stolen Land by Stephanie Rabig


ON STOLEN LAND by Stephanie Rabig


Cover Artwork: Elderlemon Design


"When a prairie-mad settler murders Milton Allen's brother and his family, the wealthy rancher offers an enormous bounty to bring the culprit in. Ada Marshall and Pearl Beckwourth, bounty hunters with twenty years experience, assume this is yet another straightforward job. But when a fellow bounty hunter is torn to pieces not fifty feet away from their camp, their natural wariness grows, and in the tiny, isolated valley town of Woodlawn, they learn that the attacker may not even be human..."


"Gritty and bleak, "On Stolen Land" makes for a harrowing read, one filled with moments that'll remain with you long after you've read it." -- from Steve Stred, Splatterpunk nominated author of "Sacrament"


"On Stolen Land" certainly brings the violence of the time to life. Despite an extra layer to the narrative, the story itself is horrific due to the historical accuracy. Rabig's voice flows and she isn't afraid to splatter the page with gore. If you like your Westerns more James Wan than John Ford, you'll enjoy this." -- from Janine Pipe, author of SAUSAGES: The Making of Dog Soldiers


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Author Bio: Stephanie Rabig has loved horror from a probably-inappropriate age (she tried to check out Dracula when in kindergarten). She's the author of Playing Possum and the Cryptids & Cauldrons series, and her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies. You can find her on Twitter @stephrabig or at her website at

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