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Cover Reveal: Everything Will Be All Right in the End by Paul Michael Anderson




Cover art and design by Rooster Republic Press



What happens…after?
In Everything Will Be All Right in the End: Apocalypse Songs, you’ll see the lengths a father will go in order to protect his child, the emptiness that revenge can harness, gods compelled to act after being forgotten, a boy carrying the weight of decisions he didn’t make, and monsters both within and without. You’ll meet people who have lost everything, faced everything, lived through the worst that could happen, attempted to pick up the pieces of their shattered realities, and you will hear their apocalypse songs.
Listen closely.

Praise for Paul Michael Anderson
"Everything Will Be All Right in the End is a breathtaking accomplishment. An incredible collection of visceral, unforgettable stories, Paul Michael Anderson's brand of horror is as heart-stopping as it is heart-wrenching. This one's sure to be among the very best collections of 2022." —Gwendolyn Kiste, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens and Reluctant Immortals
"What I love about this collection is that every dark, original, and unsettling story ends with a satisfying resolution. Sometimes the horror wins, but more often than not, there was a light at the end of the tunnel—and it wasn't a train bearing down, but a flashlight showing the way out. And that's what I need right now, more hope, amidst the horror."Richard Thomas, author of Spontaneous Human Combustion
"Every Paul Michael Anderson story feels like an all-time classic that's been around for half a century. These stories are confident, heartbreaking, and full of original, exciting ideas. Nobody has a finger closer to the pulse of human emotion than Paul Michael Anderson."Max Booth III, author of We Need to Do Something




Paul Michael Anderson is the author of the collection Bones Are Made to Be Broken, which Jack Ketchum called "a dark carnival of rigorous intelligence and compassion," and Standalone, which Stephen Graham Jones called "a metaphysical science fiction slasher that doesn’t scrimp on the gore and might just get you rooting for the guy with the machete," as well as the novella How We Broke. He lives...somewhere...with his wife and daughter. You can find him online at or on Twitter under the inspired handle @p_m_anderson.

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