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Cover Reveal: DEPARTURES by Scott Cole


DEPARTURES by Scott Cole

Publisher: Black T-Shirt Books

Cover Art: Scott Cole, 13 Visions


“Wildly imaginative, boundary-obliterating dark fiction”
Shawn Macomber, Decibel Magazine

A new homeowner finds a large, inexplicable egg behind a door...
A traveler seeks a bizarre creature from folklore...
An abused spouse takes matters into their own hands...
A stranger tempts passersby with a mystery in the trunk of his car...
A man discovers a cemetery walled off from the rest of town...
A family finds out what the vacation of a lifetime really entails...
And a sleep aid wakes up.

These are just some of the strange tales within, as Scott Cole returns with a new collection featuring his unique brand of unusual horror stories.





Author Bio


Scott Cole is the author of Crazytimes, Triple Axe, and SuperGhost, as well as two collections of short fiction, Departures and Slices. He is also an artist and graphic designer. He lives in Philadelphia. Find him on social media, behind you in the mirror, or at

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