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Cover Reveal: American Narcissus by Chandler Morrison


AMERICAN NARCISSUS by Chandler Morrison

Release Date: May 14th, 2024 from Dead Sky Publishing

Cover Artist: Mark Maryanovich


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The American dream is dead, and Los Angeles is burning. Hopeless and anesthetized, four lost souls contend with the darkest elements of the human experience in a desperate attempt to quench their thirst for meaning and connection in a world without a future. For Arden Coover, a spun-out acid junkie with the ink still drying on a useless philosophy degree from Berkeley, it's in the potential salvation offered by a new relationship rife with promise but fraught with uncertainty. His fresh-out-of-high-school sister, Tess, is struggling to accept that her best option in life may lie in a convenient but loveless marriage to a rich, narcissistic novelist. Ryland Richter, an alcoholic insurance executive with too much money and too few scruples, seeks toxic solace in the arms of a dangerously unhinged subordinate. And Baxter Kent, a stoned surfer who's addicted to AI pornography and afraid of women, tries to make things work with a prototypal sex robot that's incapable of even the most rudimentary forms of communication. From the acclaimed and controversial author of Dead Inside

Author Bio

Chandler Morrison is the author of seven previous books, including #thighgap


and Dead Inside. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals, and his work has been nominated for several Splatterpunk Awards. He lives in Los Angeles. Connect with Chandler at

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