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Comic Horror by Tave


Comic Horror!

 By Tav @readswithdogs


After some traumatic-as-fuck real-life events in the past couple of weeks (one of my dogs; Bubs was mauled by one of his dog friends, Bill, after a fun play date) my time has been regulated to being the best dog nurse I can be and not much else. Insomnia made it’s triumphant return into my life and made it difficult to focus on any of the 5 books I was presently reading.

While wiping the blood off the door of my glass bookshelf (Bubs had drains in his face and blood was constantly dripping out and he’d shake his head and it would go everywhere) I looked in and saw my graphic novel collection.  Before I knew it I was occupied completely rereading one of my favorite graphic novels/comics a bloody horrific mess called Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson.

 Nailbiter follows NSA agent Nicholas Finch,  off to the Pacific Northwest to the fictional town of Buckaroo, Oregon to search for his missing FBI profiler friend Charles Carroll. Carroll has disappeared while investigating why Buckaroo has produced sixteen of the world’s worst serial killers. Finch has no choice but to team up with the latest twisted serial killer to come from the town, Edward “Nailbiter” Warren, so-called because he bites his victim's nails and nibbles on their flesh,  to try and uncover the mystery of what happened to his friend and what is going on in this small town in Oregon.

There’s blood and gore galore aplenty throughout the pages and the mystery is a good one. There are six collected books of the comic (or three bigger volumes) out and it’s finished, so you can easily buy them all and binge them in one sitting. The series is fantastic (I gave each volume 4 or more stars), unique and utterly gruesome with a similar vibe to Twin Peaks, if it was more murdery and the illustrations by Mike Henderson are wonderfully macabre with lots of blood splatter.

A much less bloody, but equally horrifying comic is Fran Krause’s collection of 100 little comics about our deepest darkest fears, aptly titled Deep Dark Fears.  There’s a variety of fears featured from the completely understandable (everyone knowing who you’ve looked up on social media) to the more freakish (you die and yet all your senses continue working). You’ll get caught up reading this delightfully illustrated fears and find yourself shuddering when you see your cat or double-checking to make sure you are brushing your teeth with your toothbrush and not your razor, but at least know you aren’t alone in these weird thoughts. Chances are someone else has had that exact thought and there might even be a comic or book based around it.



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