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Sadie Hartmann's Book Review: TOMBS by Junji Ito

TOMBS by Junji Ito (Shiver, Smashed)
Manga, Illustrated short horror stories
Release Date: March 28th, 2023
I read a NetGalley ARC on my iPhone through their app
Sub-genre: Gore, Body Horror, Ghosts, Supernatural/Paranormal
Graphic Novel/Hardcover
Junji Ito is a goddamn, magical treasure to horror. Ito's imagination seems to come from some otherworldly place outside of anything we are accustomed to--As soon as I saw this was available to review on NetGalley I smashed that request button and jumped into it immediately upon approval. You have to read ARC graphic novels using the NetGalley app on your phone which honestly sucks, but I would do anything to read an early copy so I made the best of it.
Here's the TOC and some very light, non-spoilerly reading experience notes:
TOMBS-- classic Ito body horror. A tragedy. A small, unusual town with a supernatural twist.
CLUBHOUSE--Excellent ghost story
SLUG GIRL--Body horror with an image that will never leave my brain
THE WINDOW NEXT DOOR--this one was funny actually (and gross)
WASHED ASHORE- ew, gross. And tapped a fear of mine with sea creatures
THE STRANGE TALE OF THE TUNNEL--creepy ghost story
BRONZE STATUE--a disturbing story about vanity and narcissism.
FLOATERS--this was the most unusual/original story. Super weird hairballs that tell secrets.
THE BLOODY STORY OF SHIROSUNA--very, very gory and disturbing once again, Ito shows us a small town that experiences supernatural phenomena

I plan on buying everything from Junji Ito--new horror author collection and I'm obsessed with the artwork

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