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Author Spotlight: Buy, Read, Review and Promote These Fine Authors

It's time for an author spotlight! In this photo are some long-time favorite authors and some new-to-me authors that I'd like to shine a bright light on and encourage readers to buy, read and promote their books!

Ania Ahlborn- Ania is a long-time favorite. The first book I read was, BROTHER and it floored me. I binge-read it in one day. I clearly remember trying to cook food on the stove while holding the book and reading at the same time. If you haven't read any of her work, start there and then work your way through her back catalog of delicious, dark and disturbing reads. Her last book, IF YOU SEE HER is a self-published title and just recently became available on Amazon.

Sarah Read- I read THE BONE WEAVER'S ORCHARD this year and it was *everything* I have ever wanted in a book. All of the elements I love like "dark academy" (you know what that is right? Dark, secretive, slightly haunted boarding schools? Give me all of that), coming-of-age, young protagonists, mystery, secrets, danger, bravery, horror, feelings, EVERYTHING, I'm telling you! So that book comes highly recommended. Read and Review and then wait eagerly like me, for her newest release: OUT OF WATER!! Look at the cover:

Carrie Laben- Carrie Laben is a 2017 Shirley Jackson winner for Short Stories.- POSTCARDS FROM NATALIE was the title. Her debut novel is called, A HAWK IN THE WOODS and I read it this year. Carrie has a unique writing style and that I want more of--read, review and then anticipate more for Carrie Laben in the future. I expect great things!!

Laura Muaro- The best way to get to know an author's voice and ability is to try a short story collection. SING YOUR SADNESS DEEP is THAT collection. Buy it and find yourself in the wild and wonderful imagination of Laura Muaro. Then you'll be ready for a novel when the time comes! I'm ready!!

Georgina Bruce- THIS HOUSE OF WOUNDS easily boasts one of my favorite covers this year. This short story collection was so rich & opulent--I had trouble finding words for how Bruce's writing made me feel. I long for more. Buy it, Try and see if you feel the same way!

Claire C. Holland- I was so impressed with the cleverness Claire exhibited with her poetry collection titled, I AM NOT YOUR FINAL GIRL. Claire wrote poems about final girls from horror cinema-bringing to life their inner struggles, pain, and fear that readers can easily relate to-a beautiful journey that everyone should go on with Claire. BUY BUY BUY!

C. V. Hunt- I've read a few novellas and short stories by this author and she can always manage to shock and surprise me. If you think you've read everything horror can bring to the table and nothing gets under your skin or unsettles you anymore--have you read anything by C. V. Hunt? I promise you there is more to be experienced. Pick up HALLOWEEN FIEND, COCK BLOCK, RITUALISTIC HUMAN SACRIFICE or anything she has to offer and then let's talk.

S. P. Miskowski- The Skillute Cycle is what you need to rush out and buy now. Now. NOW. I started with THE WORST IS YET TO COME and then I read KNOCK, KNOCK and now I'm just a huge fan of everything Miskowski writes. I have DELPHINE DODD coming soon. I cannot wait. Get them all!

Sara Gran- I haven't read anything else from Sara Gran besides COME CLOSER but I want to! That novella was insane. Unputdownable. Terrifying. I felt that book in a tangible way. Have you read it? It's an event. You need to experience it for yourself today. Now.

Sara Tantlinger- What is with all these authors named Sara(h)?? Our third Sara writes dark poetry and I am here for it. All of it. I read LOVE FOR SLAUGHTER which was so good, I instantly started checking out more from her. I'm also excited to tease out that she has more coming! Look at these highly anticipated titles:

Kelli Owen- This woman is a rock star in the horror community. I only started reading her work this year but I'm annoyed I didn't find her sooner. Night Worms is excited because we have something coming for our customers from Kelli but we won't tell you what! Just know, I read it and loved it. I also read TEETH which is this compelling vampire tale. After I finished, I told Kelli, we need MORE in this universe. I hope we get more!! Such a good vampire story. READ IT! Kelli is self-published and her books are inexpensive so go binge-buy a bunch.

J. M. White- I read and reviewed SHATTERED by J. M. White earlier this year and I have an ARC of her next book sitting on my dresser. She is one to watch. I expect nothing but better and better books from her as time goes on. Her first book was so readable--I could have devoured it in one sitting and moved on to the next if I didn't have a life. Add her to your list of Insta-Buys!

Molly Tanzer- Molly is one of those writers that can write anything and make it interesting. CREATURES OF WANT 7 RUIN was so magical and compelling. Like a movie--the scenes were vivid and the characters were full of life! I want more!!

Holly Ducarte- Holly is a poet and writes YA stories like THE LIGHT OVER BROKEN TIDE. How beautiful is that title? And all of Holly's writing is lyrical and visual like that. Try her poetry or this book and see if her words win you over. She's probably the sweetest person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing on social media too--and she loves Star Trek and she looks like a famous model. Follow her! Read her books! 

Gemma Amor- OH MY GOD! I love her short story collection, CRUEL WORKS OF NATURE so much. So, so, much. I wish everyone would buy it. The stories are all unique and they have illustrations that Gemma did herself--the woman is a mega-talent. Buy all of her books. She has one out now:

Darcy Coates- if you're looking for binge-worthy dark reads with haunted houses and supernatural plots, you need some of her books. I read, THE CARROW HAUNT and it was one of those stories you can just settle into and feel cozy and unsettled at the same time. She's the perfect author to recommend to newcomers to horror as they don't quite overwhelm with the gore or the scares-just the perfect amount of creep, dread, and suspense.

That's it! I hope you filled up your Amazon cart and will join me in celebrating thse fine authors.

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