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Favorite Books of 2019 (Halfway Point)- Sadie Hartmann

Favorite Books of 2019 (Halfway Point)- Sadie Hartmann

These are my favorite, highly recommended reads that are currently in my 2019 Goodreads Challenge. There are 64 books on that list and of the 64, these ones are stellar 5 star reads. I figured it was a good time to round them up since we're at a halfway mark in the year. Not all of these were released in 2019, I just read them this year. And some books that will be released in 2019, I actually read LAST year, so they're not on here--like Paul Tremblay's GROWING THINGS. So here they are in all their glory:

Book One:...

Friday Feels- June 7th, 2019

Friday Feels- June 7th, 2019

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what horror is to me. Horror is all of the spooky and scary books and films I’ve read and watched where the protagonist is terrorized by ghosts and ghouls and vampires and monsters. But, horror is also what real people are all capable of behind closed doors. Stephen King said it best, “We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.”

-Kallie @pageandparlor

Zakk's review- Night Shoot by David Sodergren

Zakk's review- Night Shoot by David Sodergren


    “Crawford Manor.

    It had stood for centuries, a brooding sentinel overlooking the North Sea, long enough for old mysteries to settle and gnarled roots to creep insidiously into the earth. Within the dank walls of Crawford Manor, secrets were given time to breathe.

    To atrophy.”


    It’s always a pretty rad moment in a reader’s life when a new-to-you author and/ or book strikes a chord and resonates in ye olde brainpan. Something that gets you excited to spread the word or...

Cassie's Review- A Penny for Your Thoughts

Cassie's Review- A Penny for Your Thoughts

Title: A Penny For Your Thoughts
Authors: Robert Ford & Matt Hayward
Edition: Paperback
Page Count: 292 pages
Rating: 4.5  / 5 ✨
Available June 1st!
“Sooner or later, payment comes due.”
A common misconception among non-horror readers is that horror is all bloodshed & gore, and no...

100 Favorite Movies- Mike Thorn

100 Favorite Movies- Mike Thorn

01. The Black Cat (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1934)

02. Prince of Darkness (John Carpenter, 1987)

03. The Unknown (Tod Browning, 1927)

04. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Tobe Hooper, 1974)

05. The Mummy (Karl Freund, 1932)

06. Halloween Halloween II (Rob Zombie, 2007 / 2009)

07. Torso (Sergio Martino, 1973)

08. Frankenstein / The Bride of Frankenstein (James Whale, 1931 / 1935)

09. Loft (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2005)

10. A Bay of Blood (Mario Bava, 1971)

11. The Wolf Man (George Waggner, 1941)

12. Corridors of Blood (Robert Day, 1958)

13. The Curse of the Werewolf (Terence Fisher, 1961)

14. Faust (F. W. Murnau, 1926)

15. Opera (Dario Argento, 1987)

16. Revenge of the Creature (Jack Arnold, 1955)

17. L'Inferno (Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan and Giuseppe de Liguoro, 1911)

18. The Addiction (Abel Ferrara, 1995)

19. The Ghost of...