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Why Authors Should Leverage BookTube

Hello! It's me, Sadie Hartmann, co-owner of Night Worms and reader/reviewer of Horror Fiction. One of my favorite aspects of the Horror community is networking. I enjoy forming relationships with people working within the industry in a variety of important roles. 

Ashley and I immediately understood the value and importance of BookTubers. We have two BookTube reps for Night Worms, Rachel Shades of Orange and Cameron Library Macabre. 

We feel readers read in different formats: Physical, digital, audio...

They might also get their reviews in different formats: Podcasts, BookTube, Magazines, Blogs...

That being said, I reached out to Kevin of The Well Read Beard and asked if he would like to make a video explaining how BookTube reaches a niche audience of readers. I love watching Kevin's reviews. He has a calming, soothing voice that's pleasant to listen to but more importantly, he makes his viewers feel welcomed by enaging with the camera authentically and with conviction. He has sold me on several books.


So let's hear what he has to say...

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