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The Ultimate Indie Winter Horror Book List by Richelle (@shereadshorror)

The Ultimate Indie Winter Horror Book List

(you know minus Stephen King because everyone knows those) 

I can tell you one thing that I love most about the book Twitter-verse is that when in need people are always there to help. This past week I asked for winter horror recommendations and I got a swarm of suggestions and many I haven’t heard of. Down below is a list of 50 winter horror novels, novellas, anthologies and short story collections. Thank you, my twitter peeps, for all your help in making this list possible. Now, we should never go into winter wondering what to read again. If there are more that you think should be added let us know. 
Also thank you Matt, @TeamRedmon , for adding in the bookshop links! 
Here is a link for the bookshop to all the books available to buy if your interested:

Novels & Novellas


  1. The Spirit by Thomas Page
  2. You Are Invited by Sarah A. Denzil 
  3. Piece of Me by Steve Stred 
  4. The Cold by Rich Hawkins 
  5. A Winter Sleep by Greg F. Gifune
  6. Sebastian: The In-Between by Vanessa Dunn 
  7. The Devil’s Woods by Brian Moreland 
  8. Wild Minds by Aiden Merchant 
  9. The River Through the Trees by David Peak 
  10. Winter Holiday by Chad A. Clark 
  11. Stranded by Reene Miller 
  12. Howl by Reene Miller 
  13. Stranded by Bracken MacLeod
  14. The Hunger by Alma Katsu  
  15. Jimmy the Freak by Charles Colyott & Mark Steensland
  16. Beneath Ash & Bone by D. Alexander Ward 
  17. Where the Dead Go to Die by Aaron Dries & Mark Allan Gunnells 
  18. Let the Right One in by John Lindqvist 
  19. Bone White by Ronald Malfi 
  20. Snow by Ronald Malfi 
  21. Dead of Winter by Kealen Patrick Burke 
  22. White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi 
  23. The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon 
  24. Dark Matter by Michelle Paver 
  25. The Terror by Dan Simmons 
  26. Krampus by Brom 
  27. White by Tim Lebbon 
  28. Snowblind by Christopher Golden
  29. Secret Santa by Andrew Shaffer 
  30. The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn 
  31. Ararat by Christopher Golden 
  32. Voices in the Snow (Black Winter series) by Darcy Coates 
  33. Wonderland by Zoje Stage 
  34. Thin Air by Michelle Paver 
  35. A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons ( follow up to Summer of Night) 
  36. Who Goes There by John w. Campbell 
  37. Chills by Mary Sangiovanni
  38. Seven Cleopatra Hill by Justin Holley 
  39. Maynard’s House by Herman Raucher 
  40. Autumn Bleeds into Winter by Jeff Strand 

Anthologies and short story collections: 

  1. Krampus Tales - A Killer Anthology 
  2. Taaqtumi: An Anthology of Arctic Horror Stories 
  3. Hark! The Herald Angels Scream
  4. The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories vol. 1-4 
  5. Christmas Horror Vol. 1 by Joe R Lansdale, Jeff Strand 
  6. Season’s Creepings: Tales of Holiday Horror by Ronald Kelly 
  7. Gothic Blue Book Vl: A Krampus Carol Anthology 
  8. Christmas in the Empty Cabin and other Holiday Tales by E. Reyes
  9. Dark X-Mas: 100 Word Holiday Horror Stories 
  10. Horror Stories to Ruin Christmas 

I am a huge horror advocate who loves to walk the line of fear by chasing ghosts and touching spiders. I  am also chasing the dream of being a full-time horror reviewer. 


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  • I’ve read almost all of these! Winter Horror is my ultimate favorite!!

    • Michelle (Bookhangoverz)